Long Island Expressway Bridge

First visits to: Hunters Point Avenue / 49th Avenue Bridge, Long Island Expressway Bridge

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Today was a historic day for NYC water rats – see that little beach behind us? That’s Stuyvesant Cove and today was the first day that the City allowed kayakers to beach there.  I took 5 friends down to hook up with Long Island CIty Community Boats and we paddled back to LICCB’s boathouse at Anable Basin.  That’s Erika M (she was on the last Hallet’s Cove trip), Dianna H, Me, Leona S (an Aussie and a rower), Rosie and her boyfriend Daniele, visiting from Italy.

Once we were back in Long Island City, I realized we were close to the two bridges we missed on our Newtown Creek adventure two weeks ago. Both bridges span Dutch Kills, a tributary of Newtown Creek (“kills” means stream or creek in Dutch, so you can imagine how old the name is). Here is the Hunters Point Avenue / 49th Avenue  bridge:

This bridge looks really old to me; it makes me think of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. Something about those lights — they look as though they could be whale oil or kerosene — and the lashing around the pilings (is that what they are called?) to protect the bridge, and the old stonework. Rosie’s boyfriend Daniele is visiting from Italy right now — that’s him in the photo at left.

Our other “missing” bridge was the Long Island Expressway bridge over Dutch Kills. Rosalba likes the symmetry of this view — both from side to side and the reflection in the almost-still water. In the background you can also see the blue-painted Borden Avenue Bridge. And I’m really curious to know what that grey house is — it looks like it’s from the colonial era.