Hudson River Bridges

First visits to: Wards Island (Randall’s Island) Bridge, Robert F. Kennedy Bridge (formerly Triborough Bridge), Willis Ave Bridge, Third Ave Bridge, Park Ave Bridge, Madison Ave Bridge, 145th St Bridge, Macombs Dam Bridge, High Bridge, Alexander Hamilton Bridge (Cross Bronx Expressway), Washington Bridge, University Heights Bridge, Broadway Bridge, Henry Hudson Bridge, Spuyten Duyvil Bridge, George Washington Bridge.

Repeat visits to: Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, Queensboro Bridge, Roosevelt Island Bridge. 

Route Map – Total 30 miles   (click on any image to enlarge)

On September 15, 2012 I (Rosalba) did the Manhattan circumnavigation! It was an another legend…dary adventure! Unfortunately RaNae was in California and it was impossible for her enjoy the trip with me and the Long Island City Boathouse group this time.

It is known that NYC changes its dress at night, but rather than lights and skyscrapers, it is dressed with bridges and Nature…water and trees. A lot. Incredible. A natural question arose in my mind: are you sure that it is NYC? Yes, also this is NYC!

Ten boats left Long Island City at 9:00 starting the circumnavigation of the island toward the north. The East River was quiet and the temperature not too cold. This held until about 2:00 am, when the night on the river began to show us its depth and the temperature went down.

During the first part of the trip we encountered 16 bridges (see the list above), most of them on the Harlem River. Arriving at the top of Manhattan, we turned toward south on the Hudson River. On this last river there are not so many bridges – we crossed “only” the George Washington Bridge.

Unfortunately, because it was night, and we were floating on water, few of the pictures turned out.  I have beautiful photos in my memory, however.

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During the trip we had four breaks; the last at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, with the intention to await the sunrise.

Finally, we arrived at the point where we started around 8:30 a.m.. We logged 21 bridges – 16 new markers in our list.

Thank you to RaNae because I would never have done this without her encouragement and planning.

Thank you LIC Boathouse, especially Ted G, for making it happen!