Roosevelt Island Bridge

First visits to: Queensboro Bridge (aka 59th Street Bridge), Roosevelt Island Bridge

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Erika M and Rosalba under the Queensboro Bridge, with the Roosevelt Island Bridge in the background. This photo will appear (upside down*) in The Big & Awsome Bridges of Portland & Vancouver, the first-ever kid’s book about this historic collection of bridges, written to bring engineering science to life in elementary classrooms.

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RaNae & Juan Carlos all lined up and ready to cross the East River with the rest of the LICCB group. The Queensboro Bridge and Roosevelt Island Bridges are in the background.

Erika and Rosalba approaching the Roosevelt Island Bridge.

Rosalba and I joined Long Island City Community Boats this morning on their paddle from Anable Basin to Hallet’s Cove, where they offer community-sponsored free kayaking. Along the way we logged two new bridges – the Queensboro Bridge and the Roosevelt Island Bridge. We went in two boats this time, accompanied by Erika (aka Elika) M in Rosalba’s boat and Juan Carlos P in my boat. This way we were able to take photos of each other at the bridges. And we made two new friends who hopefully will accompany us on future adventures!

Before heading home on the subway around 1:00 we stopped for a visit at Socrates Sculpture Park and its Greenmarket. It is now 4:30 p.m. and pouring. I hope you LICCB folks headed home before the rain!


*Why will the picture appear upside down?

There are three bridges in Portland built by the famous New York bridge engineer Gustav Lindenthal. Lindenthal was the NYC Commissioner of Bridges in the early 1900s. He came to Portland in the mid-1920s to design two bridges across the Willamette River in Portland and finish a third. The Ross Island Bridge designed by Lindenthal looks almost exactly like the Queensboro bridge turned upside down. In Sharon’s book, the photo of the Queensboro bridge sits right next to a drawing of the Ross Island bridge and you can see the similarity.