Here is the list of New York City transportation bridges (car, foot, train) that pass over water, each with the date of our first visit. Bridge names link to the Wikipedia page for that bridge, if one exists. (Source: Wikipedia, plus our own updates and additions)

As of 12/14/12 we have visited 107-1/2 bridges. (The half is Maspeth Plank Road — see below).  The Wikipedia list that we started with included 56 bridges, but as of 12/18/12 we can confirm about 145.  We count 35 on the Bronx River, where Wikipedia lists only 1. We count 12 on Jamaica Bay where Wikipedia only lists 6.  There are 6 bridges on the Flushing River in Queens, 2 additional bridges on the Hutchinson River in the Bronx, 2 Randall’s Island bridges, and 1 or 2 bridges on the Gowanus Canal that Wikipedia didn’t list. A close look at Staten Island reveals at least 23 more bridges than those listed on the Wikipedia. That’s at least 73 more bridges than were listed on Wikipedia. So, at this point we think we have approximately 13 more to go, but that could increase if we identify more bridges!

East River

Brooklyn Bridge 7/15/12
1825 m Oldest suspension bridge
Manhattan Bridge 7/15/12
2089 m (B D N Q subway service)
Williamsburg Bridge 7/15/12
2227.48 m (J M Z subway service)
Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge 7/28/12
1135.0 m NY-25
Also known as 59th Street Bridge
Roosevelt Island Bridge 7/28/12
876.91 m East channel only (no access to Manhattan)
Triborough Bridge 9/21/12 / 1569.72 m I-278 Officially titled Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. aka East River Suspension Bridge (This branch connects from Randall’s Island to Queens over the East River)
Hell Gate Bridge 9/21/12 / 5181.6 m Rail only
Rikers Island Bridge 9/21/12 / 1280.16 m Only connects Rikers Island to Queens
Bronx–Whitestone Bridge 9/21/12 / 1149.10 m I-678
Throgs Neck Bridge 9/21/12 / 886.97 m I-295

And also:

[name?] Bridge (connecting Randall’s Island to south Bronx, currently under renovation)  9/21/12 /

Harlem River

Wards Island (Randall’s Island) Bridge 9/15/12 // 285.6m Between Manhattan and Randall’s Island.  Pedestrians and bicycles only.
Triborough Bridge 9/15/12 1569.72 m Officially the Robert F. Kennedy/RFK Bridge. aka Harlem River Lift Bridge (This branch connects to Manhattan over the Harlem River)
Willis Avenue Bridge 9/15/12
Third Avenue Bridge 9/15/12
Park Avenue Bridge 9/15/12 Metro-North only
Madison Avenue Bridge 9/15/12
145th Street Bridge 9/15/12
Macombs Dam Bridge 9/15/12 774 m
High Bridge 9/15/12 600 m Oldest surviving bridge in New York City; Currently closed for repairs.
Alexander Hamilton Bridge 9/15/12 724 m I-95 US-1
Washington Bridge 9/15/12 723.9 m
University Heights Bridge 9/15/12 82 m
Broadway Bridge 9/15/12 Also known as Harlem Ship Canal Bridge (1 subway service)
Henry Hudson Bridge 9/15/12 673 m Henry Hudson Parkway
Spuyten Duyvil Bridge 9/15/12 Rail only

Hudson River

George Washington Bridge 9/15/12 1450.85 m I-95, US-1, US-9 US-46
Handles 280,718 vehicles per day (2010)[8]

New York Bay

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge 7/22/12 2039.1 m I-278
See post 7/22/12 – Midnight Paddle to Coney Island with LICCB

Newtown Creek (Brooklyn) – see also Dutch Kills under Queens, below

Kosciusko Bridge 8/5/12
1,835 m I-278
Pulaski Bridge 8/5/12
860 m McGuinness Boulevard
J. J. Byrne Memorial Bridge (a.k.a. Greenpoint Avenue Bridge) 8/5/12
55 m
Grand Street Bridge 8/5/12
Metropolitan Avenue Bridge 8/5/12

And also:

Maspeth Plank Road  8/5/12  /  (This was a bridge on Maspeth Road from 1836 to 1875. The bridge is no longer there, but remarkably, the cement landing and wooden pilings of the dock still are. This is the 1/2 bridge in the count above.)

The Bronx

Hutchinson River (heading upriver)

Pelham Bridge  12/14/12 Shore Road
Hutchinson River Parkway Bridge  12/14/12

And also:

New England Thruway Bridge   12/14/12

Boston Road Bridge  12/14/12

Fulton Avenue Bridge (this may be outside New York City limits)  12/14/12

Westchester Creek

Unionport Bridge

Bronx River

Bruckner (Eastern) Boulevard Bridge  9/4/12 I-278 (This is the southernmost bridge on the river-it goes at the end of the list below)

And also (running from north to south):  All 9/4/12

1952 Foot bridge at border of Westchester County

Nereid Avenue

Bronx River Parkway Bridge 1 (near 236th Street)

2 Train & 5 Train Bridge

East 233rd Street Bridge

Bronx River Parkway 2 (near 232nd Street)

Bronx River Parkway onramp from Bronx Blvd (near 231st Street)

Bronx Blvd 1 (near East 211th Street)

East Gun Hill Road Bridge

Duncomb Arched Bridges (Bronx Blvd 2, near Duncomb Avenue)

Bronx River Parkway 3 (near Duncomb Avenue)

Burke Bridge

Mosholu Parkway Greenway Bridge?

Theodore Kazimiroff Blvd Bridge (double)

Bronx Park Road Bridge 1 (North roadway)

Heston Bridge (in New York Botanical Garden)

[Stone Mill Bridge] (in New York Botanical Gardent)

Bronx Park Road Bridge 2 (South roadway)

East Fordham Road/ Bronx & Pelham Parkway Bridge

Boston Road / Jungle World Road Bridge

Bronx Zoo Tram Bridge 1 (North)

Bronx Zoo Tram Bridge 2 (South, near Jungle World)

East 180th Street Bridge

2 Train & 5 Train Bridges

East Tremont Avenue Bridge (double bridge)

East 177th Onramp to Cross Bronx Expressway & Sheridan Expressway (double bridge)

Sheridan Expressway to Cross Bronx Expressway ramp

Cross Bronx Expressway Bridge

East 174th Street Bridge

New Starlight Park Footbridge

[Old Starlight Park bridge – to be identified]

Amtrak Train Bridge

[Old cantilever bridge]

Westchester Avenue / 6 Train Bridge

Triborough Bridge – Bronx Crossing (This branch of the bridge connects north from Randall’s Island to the South Bronx via the Bruckner and Deegan expressways.)

Pelham Bay

City Island Bridge  12/14/12 City Island Avenue


Mill Basin

Mill Basin Bridge

Gowanus Canal

Union Street Bridge 9/2/12 /
Carroll Street Bridge 9/2/12 /
Third Street Bridge 9/2/12 /
Ninth Street Bridge 9/2/12 / F G subway service upper level, pedestrian bridge lower level
Hamilton Avenue Bridge 9/2/12 /

And also:

Gowanus Expressway Bridge, 9/2/12 /

Rockaway Inlet (Brooklyn and Queens)

Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge  9/21/12 1226 m


Dutch Kills (a tributary of Newtown Creek)

Borden Avenue Bridge  8/5/12
Hunters Point Avenue Bridge  8/19/12/  49th Avenue

And also:

Queens-Midtown Expressway to Long Island Expressway Bridge  8/19/12  /
Two LIRR train trestles near the Borden Street Bridge  8/5/12 /

Jamaica Bay

Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge  9/21/12 aka Broad Channel Bridge?
The Joseph P. Addabbo Memorial Bridge  9/21/12
Grassy Bay Subway Bridge  9/21/12 (A subway service)
Howard Beach to Broad Channel.
South Channel Subway Bridge  9/21/12 (A S subway service)
Swing Bridge, Broad Channel to The Rockaways
102nd Street Bridge Connecting Hamilton Beach at Russell Street with Howard Beach, also known as “Lenihan’s Bridge”.  (Further up Hawtree Basin, northeast of the Hawtree Creek Bridge.)
Hawtree Creek Bridge 163rd Avenue and 99th Street in Howard Beach across to Hamilton Beach at Rau Court and Davenport Court (This tiny bridge is almost invisible on Google Maps – we missed it on 9/21/12!)

And also (whoever made the list on Wikipedia missed all these OBVIOUS bridges!!!!!):

Old Mill Creek Bridge       9/21/12  (Fountain Avenue & Belt Parkway)

Hendrix Creek Bridge      9/21/12  (Hendrix Street & Belt Parkway)

Fresh Creek Bridge       9/21/12  (Belt Parkway between Rockaway Parkway and Pennsylvania Avenue onramps)

Paerdegat Basin Bridge 9/21/12   (Belt Parkway between McGuire Fields and Canarsie Park)

Gerritsen Greek Bridge    ___________  (Belt Parkway at tip of Brooklyn Marine Park)

Mill Basin Bridge _______________ (Repeated from Mill Basin above)

Rockaway Inlet (Brooklyn and Queens)

Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge  9/21/12
(Repeated from above)
1226 m

Flushing River (not even mentioned on Wikipedia):

Van Wyck Expressway Bridge  11/23/12

Northern Blvd. Bridge   11/23/12

Roosevelt Avenue Bridge   11/23/12

Long Island Expressway Bridge   11/23/12

Porpoise Bridge (in Flushing Meadows)   11/23/12

Staten Island

Arthur Kill

Goethals Bridge (two spans, one over Arthur Kill, the other over Old Place Creek [check name]) 2164.08 m I-278
Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Bridge 170.08 m CSX and M&E rail lines
Outerbridge Crossing 3093 m NJ 440/NY 440

Kill Van Kull

Bayonne Bridge 1761.74 m NY 440/NJ 440

And also: (going counter-clockwise around the island from north shore)

Snug Harbor Road over channel in Botanical Gardens

Richmond Terrace Road over channel in Botanical Gardens

Railroad Bridge over channel near Water Pollution Control Plant

Bayonne Bridge (listed above)

Relocated Bayway railroad bridge (north of Goethals Bridge – is this the Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Bridge listed above?)

6th Avenue Bridge (over Old Place Creek)

Railroad Bridge over Old PLace Creek

Same Railroad also crosses Bridge Creek

Western Avenue over Bridge Creek

Bloomfield Road Bridge (over Saw Mill Creek)

Two railroad bridges over branches of Saw Mill Creek)

West Shore Expressway Bridge (over Neck Creek)

Meredith Avenue Bridge (over Neck Creek)

Railroad Bridge over a channel that cuts into the southwest corner of the island, near Isle of Meadows

Over the creek that goes into LaTourette Park:

West Shore Expressway Bridge (Main trunk)

Richmond Avenue Bridge (Southern branch)

Railroad Bridge 1 (Southern branch)

Railroad Bridge 2 (Northern branch)

Railroad Bridge 3 (Northern branch)

Arthur Kill Road over Mill Creek (just south of Outerbridge Crossing)

Hylan Blvd. over Lemon Creek

Bayview Ave. over Lemon Creek

Hylan Blvd. over Wolfes Pond (in Wolfes Pond Park

Unidentified Road/water in Great Kills Park

End of Tarlton Street?

Waterways in area northwest of Father Cappodonno Park, apparently crossed by about 10 streets. What is this?

  1. Looks like you’ve got all the major bridges. A very intriguing project. Good luck! 🙂

    • RaNae said:

      Thanks, Vlad! Rosie & I are Looking forward to the next installment of your Long Island adventure!

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