Planning my next Oru adventure

I’m in East Setauket, NY for a couple of weeks housesitting my sister’s house, 5 chickens and pool.  Not a bad gig – between sessions of working on my new book I take a dip in the pool (several times a day), go for walks, and take bike rides. If I can stay away from the midnight snacks I might actually be able to drop a few pounds.

I rode my nephew’s bike out to West Meadow Beach last night. (It’s a little on the small side, and I have no idea where the key is to get the lock of the center bar, so all-in-all, so not the most comfortable bike ride I’ve ever taken, but still pleasant.)  It’s on Long Island Sound and the water was clear and calm. I longed to have my kayak and just take off on that beautiful liquid mirror.

This morning I took a look at a map to see the lay of the land and water, and to consider where I might go.  Here’s a proposed route

Hmmm….logistics.  Not having lots of public transit out here (like I do in NYC), and since I don’t know any other kayakers out here (I emailed a couple of clubs but didn’t hear back from either of them) I’m going to have to work out my own shuttle system.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

A – Drive to NYC, pick up bicycle and kayak from my apartment, bring them to East Setauket.

1. Drive Car #1 to Port Jefferson, carry bicycle.

2. Park car in Port Jefferson and bike back home.

3. Drive Car #2 to West Meadow Beach with kayak.

4. Park Car #2 at West Meadow Beach and kayak to Port Jefferson.

5. Drive Car #1 with kayak back home.

6. Bicycle to West Meadow Beach, pick up Car #2, drive home.

Looking at a map of the area, I see that there are lots of interesting-sounding destinations within about 7 miles of West Meadow Beach.  And I found a tidetable for the area here:  So it looks like I could have some significant fun on the water while I’m out here.

If anyone out there knows any kayakers in the Stony Brook-Setauket-Port Jefferson area, I’d appreciate a reply to this with any suggestions / introductions for meeting kayakers in this area.  Thanks!


Later: Found Setauket Canoe & Kayak online, just a couple of miles from here so I biked over there at the end of my writing day.  It was closed, but it’s on Shore Road where I discovered a public beach and a public dock on sEtauket harbor where I can put in the boat.. And I met a woman out walking her dog who has a couple of kayaks and gave me some suggestions about where to explore.  We exchanged numbers so there’s a possibility we’ll get together for a paddle around the harbor and surrounding bays.


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